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If your child takes to the instrument he chooses, you can apply any credit accumulated from renting toward the purchase of the instrument.

No matter how careful your child is, instruments get broken. We get it. Insurance, repairs and loaners are included with all our rental instruments.  

When you're ready to play, but not commit

Everyone knows that playing "Guitar Hero" won't help a person play the guitar in real life. Likewise, fantasizing about playing an instrument is no foundation for actually doing so.  


When a child first tries his hand at playing an instrument, it doesn't make sense to buy one outright. That's where rental instruments come in. Packham Music Services has a full line of orchestra and band instruments, all at teacher-approved quality and parent-approved prices.

Accidents will happen

If you love it, you can buy it

String instruments are more difficult to learn than most. It's best if your child starts out on a sized-down version of a full-sized violin or cello. Ask about fractional sizes, which can automatically be upgraded as your child grows and learns.

Give your little violinist room to grow


Free pickup and delivery.